Sunday, August 17, 2008

Done with the First Quarter Periodical Exam

I’m sure lots of mommies are quite at peace now because exams are over. The recent periodical exam was a bit harder for me because my kids’ exam days fell on the same days. My daughter who is in Grade 2 had a tough time reviewing the coverage of their exams especially in Sibika. Actually I found it hard too, LOL. We reviewed different dialects and inhabitants, directions, the national symbolism, and other topics. This is the subject most of the students found difficult to deal with and parents too, LOL.

My youngest is in the Nursery Level and you know how hard it is to review nursery students especially boys like mine. Although the topics are easy, usually what I found troublesome with my boy was his patience and focus on what he is doing. He may know what is being asked or being told to do so but his answer will depend on his mood. I just hope he did really well as what he told me, sigh!!!

Two weeks from now I will get to know the results of their exam and I hope it will turn out good.


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