Friday, July 18, 2008

Sony SCPH-90006 CB

My kids now have reason to study harder and be excited on weekends. Why??? Their long wait is over and their most requested Sony Play Station 2 is here. I am quite skeptical about on purchasing this game stuff on the thought that it might lessen their drive to study harder but mommy was wronged. It’s the other way around. It is easy now for hubby and me to encourage them to study and in exchange we will allow them to play on weekends. Well I guess most of us parents who have kids aged 4 and 8 do this kind of approach to make everything easy and peaceful, LOL.

I never played with this stuff before so hubby had me tried it. I played the Crash and Zombie Hunter games and it was fun. It is great for family to spend time with each other with fun and excitement. But as for mommy, still nothing can beat the goodness of my beloved PC. You know already why…. :-}


Bradley Burnie said...

Yeah, thats really very nice. Kids love play stations and are very much fond of this game. Even my sisters sons are also waiting for play station 2. This would be a nice gift for them.

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