Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pinhole Glasses: A scientific way to restore clear vision

Attention prescription eyeglasses’ users like me!!! I came across a site which offers a product that could best serve as an alternative to prescription eyeglasses. The benefits of this product are really very promising and yet the price is very affordable.

The name of the site is PinholeGlassesDirect.com and the wonder product I am telling is their pinhole glasses being sold only at $14.95 per pair. What interests me about the product is its power to correct or restore the vision for eye problems like myopia, hyperopia, cataract, astigmatism or computer related eye problems.

How it works?

Pinhole Glasses block the indirect rays from entering our eyes thus prevent them distorting our vision. It only allows direct and coherent light rays to pass through. They use the principle of sight letting rays which are capable of forming a clear image on the retina to pass through. You can check here, how pinholes work, for more information and the science behind its working.

Quality & Benefits…

It is made with laser technology which is highly effective quality tools. Sturdy, long lasting and not affected by scratches and marks on the lenses. Pinholes are one-time highly affordable investment as compared to prescription eyeglasses.

Pinhole Glasses are very useful and effective over all distances like book reading, watching TV, working on your computer, or other stationary viewing, which are only meant to be used for. Dangerous to use when you are moving as it affects peripheral vision of the eyes.

As for me who have been wearing prescription eyeglasses for years now and had changed my lenses 3 times already I guess it’s about time to switch to this kind of glasses. Well as they said, you will never know until you give it a try. It is guaranteed against manufacturing defects and customers’ dissatisfaction plus delivery is free of charge, globally. I am really very excited to try this one so right now I am just waiting for the arrival of my pinhole eyeglasses.


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