Friday, July 11, 2008

Buzzing PayPerPost

PayPerPost, with the famous acronym PPP, is one of the common paid blogging sites’ badge I used to see in my rounds in the blogosphere. As bloggers, of course we are all interested in monetizing our blog in whatever possible way we could and one among those is through paid/sponsored post. This is a way also wherein we can drive traffic to our blogs and on advertisers as well.
When I signed up for PPP I got an instant approval for my PR3 blog then. I navigated the site to know the ins and outs of it and of course the important one the opportunities available for me to take. Inside PPP, writing such post must meet some requirements given by the advertisers like as to number of words and the tone of the post which could be positive, negative or both. I just noticed that in the list of opportunities there is this color coding scheme you need to understand. I thought at first all of those are available for my blog not until I read the bottom of the page regarding the legend of those colors. Basing on that, I knew what among those I am free to take and what are not. Quite sad because most of the opportunities are not available for me to take due to: PR requirement, niche, location and not for free hosting blog. Just hope later they will come out with fewer requirements for more opportunities to me, just a request.


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