Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PGMA: 50 cents SMS texting of Telecommunication Companies

If the oil companies are untouchables given billions in income every year because of this “oil deregulation law”, the same thing goes with these telecommunication companies. What can we expect from this 50 cents SMS texting that PGMA mentioned in her SONA??? Loud and clear, that was just a promo from the telecommunication companies that will run until October or November and can be extended depending on their convenience.

As they said, they cannot be dictated by the President and that the National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) is the government agency who can handle concerns on telecommunications with them. But the question is does NTC doing its job?

People are complaining many things on the services being rendered by telcos:

  • Cost of services – Are these telcos charging as fairly? I never heard of anything that this issue is being tackled thoroughly and with consistency for the welfare of the consuming public. As PGMA said, texting is a way of life. If she really has the political will, the Consumer Welfare Act she mentioned in the SONA must take effect the soonest possible time for the welfare of the consuming public.
  • Expiration – Why it has to have expiration? Consumers are being forced to consume their about-to-expire load to non-sense texting because of that just to make use of it. It will be a big help if this will be removed and in a way giving their consumers the right of usage over it.
  • Load snatching – This 232, 2727 thing and the likes are proliferating in our cellphones sending messages we have not requested and grabbing our load. Even we reply to permanently stop their messaging, as if they are at liberty to do that especially if you have load that can be snatched.
  • Information dissemination – As mentioned by a senator in their public hearing, she received various offers from people who sent messages on her cell phone and she believed that a way to do it is to have access on the database of her provider. It also happened to me and I guess too many of us.

There are many things happening around the world and in the Philippines but we must not point an accusing finger to what were happening outside our country as the reason. Within us Filipinos can do something to overcome whatever problem may come if we could only stand as one country.

  • Transparent and good governance.
  • Efficient and effective politicians.
  • Working government agencies both local and national.
  • Hard working and responsible citizens.

We can not just rely to God on the fate of our country but each and every one of us has a great part and work to do to make everything possible.


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