Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beer Club @

Have you ever been into membership on something and yet not happy about what you get out of it? offers you not one but 8 clubs of different most commonly purchase products by consumers. Not only that they will give you the best line of products but also the best deals you can get for being their valued member.

Beer of the month club is great for beer lovers out there. Discover the world of the finest beer of the country and get to know more about it with their Beer Expeditions newsletter. Place your order and they will deliver your brewery-fresh beer right to your home or office. Great for personal consumption, parties, affairs or have it as a special gift for a friend. Check on their featured Beer of the month and get special discounts and deals monthly and on top of it a $25 “Club Cash” for your twelve months buy wherein you can redeem for merchandise or have another membership.

Aside from monthly beer club, other great clubs they have are wine club, flower club, pizza club, cigar club, fruit club, coffee club and chocolate club. So hurry apply now for a membership and enjoy great deals and discounts of the 8 clubs.


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