Friday, June 18, 2010

I lost my beloved father

After several days from being absent blogging I am back. Actually I am still not in good condition because my beloved father died last June 10. He got stroke last June 7. His brain stem blasted 8:30 in the morning in our store and he was sent to the nearest San Juan Medical Hospital. He was with mom when this unfortunate thing happened. When I learned about it I immediately travel to Manila from Montalban, Rizal to look after tatay (father). He was unconscious when I saw him lying in the hospital with these breathing machine and ECG monitor. I really can’t help but cried as I whisper words in his ear. I asked him to fight for his grandsons and granddaughters.

After his CT Scan he was transferred to St. Martin de Porres Charity Hospital. My elder sister has a doctor friend there and we wanted what really our father’s condition. It was late night of that Monday when we learned from that doctor that our father was “clinically dead.” I never thought that it will be that fast and still hopeful that he will recover from it. The world seems to tumble and so much tears have fallen. I can’t help but asked God why?

My heart and my mind are still in denial. I don’t know when I can be able to recover from the deep pain I had from losing my beloved father. But I am still trying to be strong for my family and for mom. I hope that God will give us enough strength to move on and that he let tatay visit us often.

Tatay wherever you are I wanted you to know that we love you so much and we miss you terribly.


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