Thursday, June 3, 2010

Delicadeza over midnight appointments

There are more than 200 appointments made by President Arroyo just days before the 60-day ban on appointments prior to elections took effect. The ban would have been in effect on March 10 since May 10 is the Election Day. Nearly all of these over 200 appointments allegedly considered as “midnight appointments” by the president’s critics were accepted by the appointees.

Well then what’s the big issue on these so-called midnight appointments? I guess if MalacaƱang speaks of its legality, the critics and the people is looking the issue of “delicadeza.” In no time at all the Philippines will have a new president and I think a great gesture to welcome the incoming leader of the land is to give him a free hand to choose his cabinet members.

There are people who still have delicadeza like Anita Carpon (Gloria Arroyo’s personal manicurist) and Teresita Sy Coson (daughter of Henry Sy – owner of SM) who both declined the appointments. The much-awaited thing to wait for is will those appointees who accepted their respective appointments offer their courtesy resignation or will they abide by such controversial appointment?

To all appointees who accepted the appointments the true answer lies within you because such issue is so easy to deal with an open mind and pure heart.

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