Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Handle Series of Short Stack Publishing


There are people and things that we really find it hard to handle. I guess that’s part of our weaknesses as human. We can cope well with some things while crumble on the other matters. That is why we confide ourselves to others who are experts in handling things we can’t.

Short Stack Publishing is a London UK based small publishing house that came up with series of books to help people who are having trouble handling people or things around them. The How to Handle Living with Your Dog by Winkie Spiers and the How to Handle Your Recruitment Consultant by Herbie Henderson are part of their series that are currently out in the market.

If you are having a hard time handling things out check this home of the How to Handle Series and you may find the help you desperately needed.


EastCoastLife said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Crissy!

Empty Streets said...

Happy Valentines day :)

Monica said...

Hi Crissy! Happy Valentine's Day! ;-)

Crissy said...

@ ECL:

Same here my dear friend. Hope you have a lovely and romantic VD!

Crissy said...

@ ES:

Hi ES! Thanks for dropping by Mr. Super Busy Guy! Love is in the air this Feb month I bet you got lots of wedding arrangements. Happy VD!

Crissy said...

@ Monica:

Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing the love tag with me along with MPG and ES.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

Happy Valentine's, Crissy!

I'll email the whole Valentine's Lovers list to you to email. Can i hv yr email? Or you could email to me at

Thanks! :)

Mizé said...

hi Crissy.
Thanks for visit and explanation about Afritada.
This books sound helpful. I wouldn´t mind reading the version "How to live with your cat" :)
Happy Valentine´s!

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