Sunday, February 15, 2009

Need a collection agency?

I worked in a radio network for seven years and I could say that it was such an enriching and challenging experience. When I got in, I worked with the Finance team and practically handled almost every phase of the Accounting process. The company was only 3 years then and had minimal staff so a lot of work still on cue.

After my first pregnancy I got promoted as a Network Supervisor to handle the commercials, billings and collections. The first two items were quite easy to manage but collection for me was a nightmare then. I got plenty of collectibles and most of those were aging exceeding the allowable credit terms in the broadcast industry. The company thought of getting the services of a collection agency but due to budget constraint we were stacked to do the hard way of collecting those receivables.

If you are on the look for a collection agency then let handles your collectibles. Founded in 2004 by 5 collection industry veterans, it was named as one of Collection Advisor's 50 Most Influential Collection Agencies in the industry after only three years in operation. So if you need help with your account receivables let the experts handle it.


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