Sunday, February 15, 2009

Entertainment bits: The 200M++ 6/49 PCSO Lotto jackpot prize

Yipee!!! Last night (Feb. 15) draw for the 6/49 Lotto ended having no winner betting for the 6 winning combination of 30-43-38-42-46-49. We did bet for that draw but unfortunately the result ended up quite high. Right now, I am reviewing the 6 winning combinations for the period of January to February 15, 2009 to give me an idea for my next bet. The jackpot prize for the next draw amounts to a hefty Php200,000,000.00++ so I guess all Lotto outlets will be very busy accommodating people who want to find their instant fortune in this number game like me.

Below are the past winning combinations for the 2009 draws care of Yehey:


EastCoastLife said...

Singapore had a S$10 million Toto draw recently. There were more than 10 winners so each winner took home less than S$1 million prize money.

Good luck! :)

Crissy said...

@ ECL:

Big bucks too!!! Anyway, I waited for tonight's draw and we still don't have a winner so I'll be trying my luck again. Thanks!

G said...

greetings from Jakarta Indonesia, happy blogging friend :)

Crissy said...

@ G:

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by ;)

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