Friday, February 6, 2009

FedEx left SBIA

Sad news about the effects of the global crisis continues. I saw on the early news of ABS-CBN show “Umagang Kay Ganda” was the shutting down of FedEx operation in the Philippines. It started operation in the country on May 1995 and with its closure after 13 long years of operation resulted to 700 Filipinos jobless. Sigh!!!

FedEx’s last flight took off from the Subic Bay International Airport (SBIA) early today (Friday) ending earlier its contract which supposed to end on 2010. The world’s largest air-cargo shipper left its 300,000-square foot facility at the Subic free port and relocates its Asia-Pacific hub operations to Guangzhou, China.

This closure is one of the biggest lost among the working population of the Filipinos and now the government is now facing another batch of unemployed Filipinos.


Empty Streets said...

Hi Crissy,

yikes that is sad 700 people - hmmm send them over to me and I'll train them for the call center industry ;) Anyways hope you are having a better weekend. I have to admit I hate to just hit and run but I have another wedding to help out in today and am just sneaking out heheheh :) xoxo

crissy said...

@ ES:

Hey very busy guy! Its okay.. I know you have a hectic sked always and actually I'm thankful to you for always stopping by.. It was indeed a sad news and hope you can relocate them to the call center industry.. Take care!

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