Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bachelor of Education @ Nipissing University

The Nipissing University has branches in North Bay, Brantford and Muskoka District in Ontario Canada. The Nipissing University Act of 1992 created the Nipissing University and dissolved the Nipissing College. It became a chartered university on December 10, 1992. Said act elaborated the structure and duties of the Board and Senate, established the positions of Chancellor and President as well as their roles and method of appointment, and outlined the transition matters between the former college and the new university. The Act was amended in 2001 to allow Nipissing University the power and authority to grant “any and all degrees, honorary degrees and diplomas in all branches of learning.” Also, minor amendments were made to clarify terms of office for Board and Senate members.

Currently, the Nipissing University is accepting applicants to the Bachelor of Education program with the following qualifications: must hold a recognized undergraduate degree, all required teachable subject courses and be able to provide a transcript indicating that the degree has been conferred by June 2012 to be considered. Also, applicants must have a minimum of ten full courses (20 semester courses) to their undergraduate degree, not including advanced standing credit, to be eligible for consideration.

As part of Nipissing University’s policy, it encourages applicants who are aboriginal, members of visible minorities and differently-abled persons. Upon receipt of application, information will be sent for self-identifying but applicants under special admission criteria must still meet the minimum admission requirements.

Slots in the Bachelor of Education program are limited. Primarily, the selection of candidates will be based on academic achievement. Hurry and check out their website because the first round of offers of admission will be on April 1, 2012.


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