Friday, February 10, 2012

Miagao, Iloilo's Salakayan Festival

Salakayan, coined from a Hiligaynon term “salakay” or “to attack,” is a street dance-drama that merges arts, lore and customs of the town. It tells of personal power and daily activities of the people. The main theme depicts the victorious battle waged by the locals against Muslim marauders sometime in 1754. An important historical occasion for the people of Miag-ao, this annual festivity attracts guests to its weeklong activity of Food Fair, Agro-industrial and Trade Fair, Fluvial Parade, Higante contest, Literary Musical contest, Evening Socials and the hablon and patadyong Fashion show.

Celebrated during the first week of February, SALAKAYAN FESTIVAL is held at the historical municipality of Miagao in Iloilo province. For travelers from Manila City and Cebu City who like to observe this special festival, they can reach Miagao by two ways. First, they can go to the airports of the cities and take flights to the airport of Iloilo province. Some of the airlines in the airports that have flights to the place are Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Second, individuals can ride in vessels at the seaports of the cities that are bound to Iloilo. Form Iloilo airport and seaport, there are jeepneys and taxis that can transport people to Miagao.


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