Sunday, February 26, 2012

Updates: Will AJ Sereno appear or not?

At times, public officials being trialed are faced between laws versus morality. Being a public servant is a noble profession because you vowed to serve the people even at a not so attractive remuneration. Temptations are left and right, up and down (should I say 360 degrees).

In the case of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s Impeachment Trial, though I could say I heard most of the trials over the radio to be updated, I am still confused on how the evidences need to be treated:

BANK STATEMENTS – The Impeachment Court was presented by a xerox copy of CJ Corona’s peso and dollar accounts. Although the SC issued a TRO in favor of PS Bank not to allow the opening of information pertaining to the dollar accounts, the court discussed the remaining peso accounts. I am confused on the fact that it was a xerox copy handed down to the prosecution team but claimed to be illegally supplied by unknown individual/s, will it be part of the evidence since PS Bank claimed the accounts were once existed? Will it serve as an evidence for the defense to prove the legality of the source/s of the funds notwithstanding the questions of legality on how such evidence was gathered?

DISSENTING OPINION OF ASSOCIATE JUSTICE SERENO – I heard about part of the content of AJ Sereno’s dissenting opinion when DOJ Secretary de Lima testified. Apart of being an appointee of President Aquino and to preserve the equality of the three branches, I would hope and pray that AJ Sereno will present herself to shed light about her dissenting opinion and not to consider such as hearsay. For love to the Filipino people and the country, and to show the world that in the name of justice the three branches can act together to let the truth prevail and justice will be served, I hope AJ Sereno will present herself.

May we all continue to listen or watch the ongoing Impeachment Trial not just to educate ourselves, not just seeing ourselves as a Filipino, but moreover a trial to see that each and every one of us is equal under the law.

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