Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Updates: SC CJ Renato Corona's Impeachment Trial


If I am SC Chief Justice Corona I will resign.
Why? My appointment is questionable, to let President Aquino choose among the candidates of JBC, and to give this country peace.
If I am SC Chief Justice Corona I will waive all my legal rights to expedite the impeachment trial proceedings.
Why? If I truly believe that I served and did my job with all honesty, dedication, transparency and respect to the institution where I belonged, it will not be an issue.
If I am SC Chief Justice Corona I will command my counsels not to be so legally technical in the impeachment proceedings.
Why? It brings doubt than enlightenment and causes delay in the proceedings.
If I am SC Chief Justice Corona I will let my bank records be opened to public.
Why? If I have nothing to hide, it is not a violation against "bank secrecy law," it is allowed under the law in view of an impeachment trial, and not to create havoc again to people like what happened in former President Estrada's impeachment trial.
If I am SC Chief Justice Corona I will not ask the Supreme Court to stop the impeachment trial.
Why? It is the only forum and sole way where I can prove my innocence to the Filipino people.
BUT I am not SC Chief Justice Renato Corona.

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.” ~~ Chinua Achebe

Corona had P19.7M by end-2010: bank records
Corona's SALNs: 2002 to 2010
PSBank president reveals Corona bank accounts
PSBank exec fails to bring CJ dollar accounts
PSBank seeks SC TRO vs subpoena for Corona records
PSBank's Garcia is 'seasoned,' 'won't play games,' fellow bankers say
Senate stands by decision to subpoena CJ bank records
Suarez wants probe of leak of CJ bank docs


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What has become of our justice system? :(

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