Sunday, February 19, 2012

Updates: Stop Impeachment Trial, Archbishop Arguelles

I respect the opinion of Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles urging to stop the impeachment trial of SC CJ Renato Corona claiming it’s nowhere to go, boring and grandstanding of senator-judges. The archbishop also believes that the chief justice should be tried in a regular court. On the other hand, impeachment for some high positions in the government is the sole authority given to the Senate to act as Impeachment Court.

I once saw SC CJ Corona in a TV Patrol report raising his head and hands up in the sky thanking the Good Lord for something. But I hope when he put down his head and hands will come to ask himself if he can bears what’s happening in the country because of his trial. I also once saw his speech in the Supreme Court denying categorically that not all the properties alleged by the prosecutors to be his. I expect so much that he and his legal counsels will be more liberal than the prosecution team because he can prove without an iota of doubt his innocence.

But what is happening in the Impeachment Trial is completely the opposite. His legal counsels are so defensive of his legal rights and using every word of law to protect him. I may not be a lawyer but as a person I would rather waive all my legal rights not only to expedite the proceedings but to prove my innocence the soonest possible time and give this country not only peace but the truth.

I can’t bear personally how hard it was for these bank officials to be involved harshly in this proceeding. But you CJ Corona can do a big favor to them by giving your consent to divulge your accounts with them. The Filipino people need answers than questions. Give not only yourself but the Filipino people a speedy trial. You claimed it as an attack to the judiciary branch. Well then the more you need to make personal sacrifices for the truth to come out now, not later.

At times I tend to appreciate the greatness of former Justice Cuevas in the trial, as how he knows the law well. But I hope sir that even this trial goes a long way you use your knowledge on the side of the truth and to serve justice.

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