Saturday, March 19, 2011

Splash Island's RIO MONTAÑOSA


SPLASH ISLAND - The Spaniards were once awed by the breath and height of the Cordilleras in the Mountain Province – La Montañosa they called it. Today, there’s a new breathtaking mountain high river raft ride the entire family will rave about – Rio Montañosa, we call it.
Rio Montañosa is a gigantic and most probably the longest slide you will encounter when you are at Splash Island. You will begin your journey to this slide atop of a 4 storey building, on board in a group raft, as your group glide on the giant slide with continuous water flowing, and us the raft go left and right with the rapids your group’s raft will splash on the water pool when you reach the end.

It’s indeed a must-go ride for family, friends and business groups as you unwind this summer vacation. Shout together, laugh together as you take the long journey of Rio Montañosa. How long it is? The picture will speak for itself.


Sarah A. said...

And this just made me wanna try this, summer probly! :)
Thanks for the post..

Sarah A.

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