Saturday, March 12, 2011

Art Activity: Fruits & Vegetables Mobile

Right now, my daughter is making this Art Activity #29: Fruits and Vegetables Mobile. Her teacher allowed them to make different objects aside from fruits and vegetables. Since she does like fashion, she decided to create different apparel like casual wear, gown, cocktail dress, and office wear. If you want to make the same at home, here are the materials and procedure:

  • White cartolina
  • Used cardboard
  • Coloring materials like colored pens or pencils, crayons, water color, cray pas or any medium
  • Strings or chains
  • Puncher
  • Glue, pair of scissors
  • Choose/Decide what fruits or vegetables you would like to draw.
  • Sketch your design lightly on the cartolina.
  • Using a black pen, ink your sketch.
  • Cut the design using your pair of scissors.
  • Duplicate the design by tracing it again on the cartolina.
  • Paste the design on a cardboard. Cut the cardboard following the design.
  • Paste the duplicated design at the back of the cardboard.
  • Color the design – both front and back portion.
  • Assemble all the fruits and vegetables to create a simple mobile by using strings or chains.
  • Balance all designs.
You can arrange your designs horizontally or in the X pattern.


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