Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kathryn Bernardo meets YouTube sensation Pamela Andrea del Rosario

Remember the controversial YouTube video of an 11 year old “Mara Clara” fan named Pamela Andrea del Rosario? Well then this Filipina residing in Chicago got to meet Kathryn Bernardo (the one portraying the role of Mara) through Skype. They got to talk for about 13 minutes, and Pamela promised to watch the show till the end and thanked Kathryn for taking time to reach her.

I was able to watch the said video in Facebook, posted by a friend, and I think I understand what she felt. She’s just a little girl got attached and loved the character of Mara. Her death was depressing for her. I remember our grandmothers the way they got to love and hate the characters of drama artists in a radio drama. How much more with Pamela? On the other hand, my daughter disliked “Clara” so much and loved “Mara” to the max.

Well I guess with such reactions, the whole cast of “Mara Clara” is doing a great job.


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