Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Year End Recognition Day of my daughter

The family is so tired but we’re all happy as well. Today is my daughter’s Year End Recognition Day at St. Matthew College. Students from Grades 1-5 will be honored with medals and certificates for garnering high grades during the school year. My daughter, Nicole, was in Grade 4 and she got 2 gold medals: 1 gold for overall Rank 1 (First Honors) and 1 gold for co-curricular activities.

As she started her schooling way back her Nursery time, I could say that she’s a dedicated and active kind of student. I heard nothing but good words and praises for her coming from classmates, parents and her teachers as well. Although at times we quarrel when she loses her time management and focus because of her young age and influence around her, she’s still in the stage of listening to our words and discerning things we used to tell her.

Again, my heartfelt congratulations to you baby! Keep up the good work and we’re so happy and proud of you.


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