Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back to school (SY 2009-2010)

On Monday, June 1, is the first day of school for public schools’ students. No wonder why Divisoria is jam-packed with parents and kids rushing out to buy uniforms and school materials. My daughter (St. Matthew College, San Mateo, Rizal) will starts on June 8 while my boy (Virgen Del Pilar School, Montalban, Rizal) on June 15.

In that regard, the family went out shopping for some groceries in Puregold San Mateo branch today. We delivered the items in our family business located at San Juan’s Agora Mall. The family sells dry goods and it’s been my family business for decades already. Right now my parents are the ones who personally manage the business since I and my 2 other sisters are incapable of being there. We help them financially and later on I am planning to take over the business after my husband’s retirement. Usually during vacation is the downside season for our store so now that students are back to school again we’re also back to business. I just hope that despite the crisis and the lay offs our business will still go strong as usual.

So to all the students out there, as what Michael Kors said in Project Runway: Study! Study! Study!


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