Sunday, May 17, 2009

Web hosting rating & reviews

Webhosting is an indispensable issue for bloggers like me. I am maintaining two blogs, my very first Housewife @ Work under free hosting and I owned the other one given to me by a dear BFFB (Best Friend Forever Blogger) Che and that’s my A Mother’s Stuff which is a Travel Blog. Having the two blogs I must say that owning your domain is really more convenient and flexible to have. You have the freedom and control over your blog in every inch and every corner of it. Isn’t much good?

But owning a domain entails a great partner indeed and that’s where our choice for the best web host provider comes in the picture. Where else in the net you can find the best provider we can have? One of the best sites indeed is for both domain and web hosting concerns. This site not only gives us valuable information about owning our domain and getting the best web host provider but moreover it gives us significant information from the real customers sharing their bad and good experiences on the services they availed of. It is something very important to give us beforehand how best or how worst those available providers we have on hand.

They also have Web Hosting News for updates, informative issues and relevant articles roaming around domain and web hosting matters. Check them out so you will be guided accordingly in picking the best web host provider for you.


Anonymous said...

Hey I was wondering, have you ever used Vodien before? They are a singapore web hosting firm and seem to offer good rates. Anybody with a review on them?

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