Monday, May 4, 2009

Concessionares @ Splash Island Resort

During outing we usually think of food and drinks to bring with us so that we can save more. But resorts usually do not allow food and drinks inside their facilities because they have their own concessionares to cater their guests. The resorts allow concessionares not only for income concern but to give their guests more convenience in their outing. Actually it is kind of hard too because if you are planning to bring food you need to go to market, prepare and cook everything plus the burden of transporting it. Sometimes the danger of having your packed food to be contaminated by bacteria makes it more practical to buy food inside the resort.

I thought before that food inside resorts are usually expensive based on my experiences with some resorts but not at Splash Island Resort. There are plenty of concessionares offering food and drinks at reasonable prices inside these world class facilities. Check the slide below:


Jade said...

Looks like a nice outing sis!!

Crissy said...

@ Jade:

It seems that this link of yours is an addition to your 4 other blogs (tama ba? hehehe) Congrats and keep blogging.

BTW, when you drop by in Pinas don't forget to check Splash Island ;)

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