Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hayden Kho & Katrina Halili: Love & betrayal

I knew about the Senate joint committee probe on Hayden Kho’s sex videos will be held today, Thursday, but I was not able to watch it on ANC coz I need to rest for tonight’s online tasks. Everyday from morning to evening, you will hear developments on this very sensational issue. Personally, as a mother I would have want this probe be held private (Executive Session) and that news about it gradually meets its end. I’m afraid that kids might be curious to ask about it seeing those blind pictures and videos on TV and that something untimely and unhealthy to discuss with them.

We indeed need laws about it however our lawmakers may consider finding the best possible way to do it considering the welfare of kids. As to the culprits and victims, let’s face it you do have your share on such irresponsible and immoral acts and get your fair share on the shame and judgment from the people.

Katrina Halili
Water-dousing incident on Senate probe
Senate probe on sex videos & drugs
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