Tuesday, May 19, 2009

YouTube & Lyrics of Charice "Note to God" @ Oprah

Charice Pempengco performs her debut single on her third appearance in the popular American talk show’s Oprah Winfrey Show. Her “Note to God” song is partly an emotional prayer whose lyrics are about what one would say in a letter to God. I have seen the YouTube of the said performance and I myself can’t avoid be teary eyed as I listen to it. The lyrics, the melody and how Charice emotionally performed the said song was really very inspiring.

It is a reality indeed that there are so many wrongs that have been happening around the world: poverty, corruption, killings, wars, down economy and more. With that I think this song is very timely and inspiring that we all make our note to God. Let us not only see the great performance of Charice here and the song but moreover the inspiration it brings to make our own note to God amidst everything. Peace & Love to everyone.


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