Saturday, October 11, 2008

WWW or NON-WWW on preferred domain name

Together with my blogger friends, HBP and Orgl, we are trying to comprehend how can we make our traffic goes into our preferred domain. In my case, I did index Housewife @ Work with WWW like this, On the other hand, my blogger account link is Not knowing the effect of this coz I am not really a computer geek, I thought it would be fine until I came across a site where my blog’s statistics showed up 2 diagnostics.

Imagine, my traffic including the inbound links broke into 2 between Housewife @ Work with WWW and with NON-WWW. Based on some articles I read, it did affects the page rank of a certain blog and even in my Google Webmaster Tool info indicates that it might have read my blog as 2 separate links.

It is really kind of shocked that this WWW will give me trouble now. So since my blogger account has NON-WWW, I patterned my blog index with it and hoping that next time Google makes it crawling task my blog will be updated and cached in my preferred domain, the NON-WWW Housewife @ Work. Other thing that I keep on searching for is that would it be possible to have 301 redirect inside my blogger account.

Any help, advice, suggestion or clarification on this concern is very much welcome. I just need to maximize my traffic by directing all of it to my preferred NON-WWW domain.

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