Thursday, October 9, 2008

Enclume pot racks

Kitchen is my private place in the house. During my teenage years, I really don’t cook coz I have my great uncle to cook for the family. But things do change so when I got married I started to learn how to cook so that hubby will not bring me back to my parents. At first, it was really kind of tough but now I am used to it. I do want to experiment on different kinds of recipes especially for the kids coz they are a bit picky.

Currently my kitchen looks like an ordinary one. I am planning for some improvements like putting something similar I saw in the net, an enclume pot racks. Also, I think the family needs additional cabinets for the kids’ stuff, you know snacks and the likes. Going back to enclume potracks, its interest me since I usually put the pots inside the cabinets. In that way my cooking partners will have great time to inhale and exhale and to free them from cabinet insects like cockroach. I have seen several designs of enclume pot rack, there are hanging and lighted ones. Those designs are big help in planning my improvements for the kitchen so it will have a new, spacious and contemporary look.


Jade said...

Hi Crissy,

I have made something for my bestest blogger friends - Uber Amazing Blog Award. I hope you can come by to receive this.

Have a great weekend dear.


crissy said...

Thanks Jade!

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