Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kids make us laugh

Pictures to put a smile on your face. Raising kids is not an easy job but it is not always traumatic too, LOL. If you are a parent by now, you will understand the joy and the hardship of your parents way back then of your childhood. Instead of getting angry we burst into laughter on our kids’ actuations. For parents-to-be or parents-wanna-be out there be prepared, LOL.


Mabel said...

LOL. I love these pictures! they are precious.. and I'm looking forward to having candid pictures like those with my future kids. ;)

Jade said...

They did make me smile. Thanks Crissy!

Jade said...

By the way I am counting you in as a sponsor! Thanks ha.

crissy said...

@ Mabel:
Indeed motherhood is a tough job but source of real and true joy :)

@ Jade:
Got it Jade and good luck to your upcoming contest :)

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