Thursday, October 16, 2008

ABS-CBN: Cristy Fermin suspended

ABS-CBN Network immediately suspends Cristy Fermin in violation of certain provisions in her contract and suspension will last till December 31, 2008. The suspension has nothing to do with Nadia Montenegro’s case against Fermin submitted to the MTRCB.

Prior to that, there is silly exchange of words between Fermin and Montenegro that rooted on the controversies involving Gabby Concepcion who is a dear friend of Montenegro. The story went up to the point where Fermin divulged a secret in one of the episodes of The Buzz.


Ms. Cristy Fermin's contracts for her engagement as host for Channel 2's The Buzz and anchorperson for DZMM's Showbiz Mismo have been suspended with immediate effect and will last until December 31, 2008.

The suspension of her contracts with ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation was due to Ms. Fermin's violations of certain provisions thereof in relation to her statements during the October 5, 2008 episode of The Buzz.

It was deemed that Ms. Fermin did not conduct herself with due regard to social conventions and public morals. Her statements went beyond the bounds of decency as they involved innocent children who are not party to their personal dispute. Ms. Fermin's statements violated the highest standards of professionalism and journalistic integrity.

The act committed by Ms. Fermin brought her and The Buzz to public disrepute, jeopardizing the name and goodwill of both the show and the network.


Anonymous said...

Poor Cristy Fermin. Just to get even with Nadia she forgot that she was already involving innocent others in the fight.

crissy said...

@ Anonymous:
ABS-CBN I thinked just did it fairly coz as a mother I wouldn't want my kids be involved in something bad for them especially in nationwide TV.

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