Sunday, March 2, 2008

Philippines' Oceanarium

At last the much awaited opening of our very own Philippines’ Oceanarium took place last March 1, 2008. The Philippines’ first state-of-the-art Oceanarium brings together open water marine habitat, boutique mall and restaurants combined with those beautiful landscapes and facilities all located in one complex. Showcasing more than 20,000 marine inhabitants of about 300 species could also well be one of the biggest in Asia having an area bigger than the famous Sentosa in Singapore.

Entrance fees to the Manila Ocean Park are 400.00 pesos for adults and 350 pesos for children. Located near one of the tourist spots in Manila, Dr. Jose Rizal Park, the oceanarium is situated right at the back of Quirino Grandstand. My family is planning to pay a visit within this March so that our kids will see those amazing creatures and learn things about them and their importance as well. See you there!!!


Vanniedosa said...


wow..thanks for the info;i was wondering how much ung entrance.
its not too bad naman. so how was it?


Nessa said...

There's one in KL called Aquaria but it is much smaller. I haven't been there, the price itself is enough to give me a heart attack! :(

idealpinkrose said...

hi sis, ano yong tanong mo how i made yong all in friends? kasama yong menu don sa template sis..merong division..hmmmm...hindi rin kasi ako marunong sa html at ng sana matulungan kita...


letjim14344 said...

wow. meron na palang ganyan sa Manila. Ang galing naman. I'm looking forward to visiting that. That's really nice.

Jack Payne said...

20,000 marine inhabitants? Crissy, that sounds like a "tourist attraction" of the first order. Impressive. Near me in California, good ol' U.S. of A., is the famous Monterey sea species attraction. I wonder how this compares in size and magnificance.

Sounds like you and your family really have a fun time to look forward to.

nhea said...

It looks nice. But, my mom's friend told us that most of it is still under construction. So, we might as well go there maybe after a few months. We'll just wait until it is well developed.

fashiongeek said...

hi, I was there last week :D Right, it's not finished yet but what I could see is this is getting REALLY HUGE, next to the fish world (that part is almost finished) there will be shops, restaurants and lot of recreation space.
Will check it out later this year again ;-)

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