Monday, March 10, 2008

Fish Shanghai Rolls

I would like to share this healthy recipe with you that my kids love so much. Usually, they use pork in preparing this food but I substitute fish for it. Hope you will like it.


* 1 kilo fish (Blue Marlin or Tanigue or Tuna will do)

* Powdered pepper

* Iodized salt

* Kintsay

* Onions

* Carrots

* White eggs (5 pcs.)

* Patis (fish sauce)

* Lumpia wrappers


Boil your choice of fish in water for about 10-15 minutes with a few sprinkle of iodized salt. Chop kintsay, onions and carrots separately. Split the boiled fish into tiny pieces. Put few sprinkle of powdered pepper. Add chopped kintsay, onions, carrots and white eggs and mixed well. Put patis to taste. Cut lumpia wrappers into half. Put few parts of the mixed ingredients and then roll it. Fry it under a low flame to have a golden texture of the wrapper. Serve with sweet and spicy sauce.


happyproudmommy said...

pwede palng fish?hehe masarap sya promise gumawa ako ngaun for snack. hindi ko na nilagyan ng patis okay nman yung lasa.tnx for sharing the recipe. have a nice day!

The_Sphinx's World said...

Aha! At last I could let my children eat fish with "gusto". They prefer meat than fish but they love to eat lumpiang shanghai. I think I could fool them with this. hehehe...

TOM said...

Sounds good, I think I'd like pork in them though!!

Ray Gratzner said...

This food looks delicious. You eat fine things. Show me waht you eat and I tell you who you are. You must be healthy.

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