Monday, March 17, 2008

Philippine's Lenten Season

Yesterday is Palm Sunday. My family went to church. We bought two pieces of palm leaves to be blessed after the mass. Usually we surrender the old palm leaves to church for burning into ashes to be used on next year's Ash Wednesday. This week is Holy Week and I’d like to share with you practices, "penitensiya" and different vows (panata) of Filipino people during Lenten Season. You will see how we commemorate Palm Sunday, Pabasa ng Pasyon (the devotees sing the Passion of the Christ), the different holy floats or "karosa", processions, the so-called “hampas dugo” and the enactment of the crucifixion (some people really have themselves crucified as their “panata”). I wish all of us to have a blessed and fruitful Lenten Season.


Ambrosiality said...

I saw this in someone else's blog, about a real life crucifixion, I was stunned

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