Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Share your tips at Daytipper...

Wanna share some tips there in exchange for bucks? Daytipper was established in 2005 by colleagues that share a common goal: develop a service that allows the global community to submit and share tips, information, advice, and ideas. Founded by experienced veterans of the Internet and publishing industries, their mission is two-fold: assemble a popular and useful collection of tips, and allow everyone to contribute. Every day, content is added to this site that has helped someone before. The content here had helped the daytippers and can help you too. If you have a tip that is insightful, helpful, and original, they will publish it and pay you $3 (US). You write the content and they share it to the world. Make the most out of Daytipper by referring back to them daily you'll find something you can use with every visit. Daytipper prescribes tips on a daily basis. See you there!


idealpinkrose said...

hi sis, thanks for visiting my site...have a great day!

Jack Payne said...

I was not even aware of the existence of Daytippers.

Thanks. Sounds like a great service.

I will check it out.

The Queen Of Frugal..... said...

Wow, I learn something new every day...thanks for the tip :)

Karlonia said...

I ran across Daytipper a few months ago and registered with them, but have not yet tried to submit any tips to them.

I would be interested in knowing other people's experiences with actually submitting content to the site - for example, the rate of acceptance vs. rejection of tips, are there actual payment reports, do people think being active with them is worth it, etc. If we could find out more concrete information on this program, I could write up a review on them under my "Paid Surveys" category.

Alternatively, I could just start submitting tips to them and see what happens. $3 per tip could add up to a lot over time if they actually accepted a significant percentage of quality submissions.

Speaking of tips, you might want to adjust the settings on your Scratchback widget so that tippers' text links display for more than 24 hours. I have purchased several Scratchback ads before, and most people have it set to display the links until enough other people buy ads to bump them off the list - there is no time limit. In most cases, this is much more favorable for the advertiser because it means more displays and clicks on the link, thus making it more likely that advertisers will purchase links on your widget.

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