Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Triumph: The Ron Clark Story

One of the movies I really like watching over and over again is “The Triumph”. A story of perseverance, passion and dedication of an educator who made a big twirl in the lives not only of his colleagues and parents but moreover of his students. Teacher Ron Clark (played by Matthew Perry) went through tough times to get his students out of trouble and take the right path.
I had a sister who happened to be a teacher too and I know the hardship and pressure of her work. Early in school, lesson plans, test papers, teaching materials, and what else? Ah yah not to forget the tough and hard-headed dude (students) in the school, hehehe! of course not all of them but most. LOL
But seriously speaking, if all professionals will be as dedicated and as persevered in their chosen career like Mr. Ron Clark I guess the world will be filled and evolved with great generations of individuals. Really an inspiring story and a must-see movie for all. Happy watching!!!


Secret Success said...

I loved this movie! It has been such a long time since I have seen it. Now I must try to find it on DVD. =)

Donz said...

Haven't seen the movie yet but the book "Essential 55" written by Ron Clark himself is one of the faves on my list. The book might give significant insights and realization to overly permissive parents that imposing the right value of discipline to a growing child is as essential as showing the child love. Teachers, parents and guardians alike can ascertain the tested strategies used by Ron Clark in helping even the most refractory child develop responsibilities.

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