Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New blogger 3-column templates (XML)

Attention all bloggers out there, new members and old ones who are considering of revising their templates, you can check out WEBTALKS for different styles and colors of a 3-column templates. Thanks to a dear friend cherrytonix for sharing me this great site, she knows I am looking for this kind of templates. Mwaaaahh!!!

I started mine in a 2-column template that is readily available on Blogger. As days goes by I noticed that the left column was almost way down to its end because of widgets and buttons. I saw some blogs using a 3-column template and I find it more presentable than the 2-column template since I have many things to put on the outbound. LOL So go guys! Its just a matter of choice and preference. As for me I like my new one.


Pam, probably. said...

Oh, YAY!!! Thank you thank you!
I was just tweaking my blog today and I grumbled that I wish I new how to do this. I will see what I can do with this template and share it with you when I've got it done. Thanks again!

felinesopher said...

Hi, thx for sharing this, I wonder, with this 3 column template for blogspot, will it change the originality of features in blogspot, what I mean with the add page element stuffs, etc?
Coz' my previous experience was that I'd trouble with it.

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Yes! I've been thinking about this for awhile now! Thank you!

Marikit said...

Yes! It's about time for me to give a new look for my blog :)

Thanks Crizzy for this post I highly appreciated your time for us.

Cheers!!!! More power to yah...

thea said...

hey i know how hard it is to have the "perfect" theme for your blog. (so hard, i made my own hahaha)

btw, for you:

i'm counting on you to spread the love too. ;)

thea said...

oh, i mean how hard it is to *find* LOL

Crissy said...

You're all welcome friends. I will be glad to share with you what I could find interesting and useful to us. See you around. Cheers!!! :)

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