Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Marriage: Trials & Triumphs

Marital life is not always a bed full of roses. Being married for almost 10 long years I could say that everyday of my life with my beloved family is still an opportunity for me to show how much I love them and what I can still do for them. There are tough times, yes, but as a family we managed to stand united and overcome those.
I am fond of reading articles about marriage matters and I could say that Mort Fertel’s so called marriage fitness is very viable. I found the approach effective. There are really ways and means on how to deal with troubled relationships but the question is what is the best way to deal with it. Mr. Fertel enlightened me on many things about relationship, the ups and downs. Many thanks to this wonderful guy for sending me messages that indeed very useful to us especially in going through the hard times without spending even a single penny. Try to check the site and be encouraged that indeed there is still a way to save and sustain your relationship. Thanks again and more power to your Marriage Fitness.


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