Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pacquiao amidst controversies of the Pacquiao-Marquez 3

The PACQUIAO-MARQUEZ 3 fever is still hot and getting hotter but I want to dedicate this article to the pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao.

In the recently concluded fight of the world’s 2 great boxers, controversy arises as to who really win the bout. Others said it was Pacquiao while others believed it was Marquez. Legally and officially it was Pacquiao according to the majority decision of the judges. There maybe people who were happy about the result especially the Pacquiao fans and those who placed their bets on him but the Marquez fans for sure were again frustrated with it. We were all entitled to our opinion and points of view but at the end of the day, whatever words had been said the much-awaited fight was won by Pacquiao.

I felt sad for Pacquiao. Yes it was true that his performance as seen by people around the world was not the performance his fans and expectators were expecting, but he said sorry for that. Was that not easy to understand for those people who got disappointed? Pacquiao is still human and had imperfections and shortcomings as such. He may get himself prepared for the fight but anything can happen during the fight. There were issues of failing to have his strength and conditioning exercise, foot cramps, personal issues, political parties, mafia, lifestyle, etc. Can we just help Pacquiao make realize his shortcomings as a boxer in a way he will understand it and uplift his morale. His performance may not be exemplary as compared to his previous fights but he gave what he can during the fight and he did not cheat to win. Grabbing the crown from the depending king is not easy. Marquez performance during the bout maybe considered up compared to Pacquiao but he failed to give and do more to ensure his winning.

Pacquiao was declared as the winner and retained his title. As a Filipino, we have to be proud of and celebrate amidst issues. We just not celebrate his winning because there is a knock-down or blood sprout from his opponent. The bout was a close fight and Pacquiao won, that’s I think the clear issue. But as to whether Pacquiao performed the way he performed on his previous fights is a different and separate issue.

If there is any good we can do for the pound-for-pound king is to pray for him that whatever happens in the recent bout will teach him a lesson and make him the best and wiser boxer.

Congratulations again Manny!!!


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