Sunday, November 27, 2011

KC & Piolo called it quits

I just happened to see the interview of Tito Boy Abunda to one of my favorite stars KC Concepcionon on "The Buzz." It was all about KC, Piolo Pascual and their ever controversial relationship. My heart melted as I saw KC crying as she tried to answers the questions of Tito Boy. It’s really hard to speak matters of the heart in front of national TV and for that I admired her. Nobody knows the deep pain KC had but seeing those tears I know some girls in a relationship out there can relate how painful it is to be in that situation.

In a relationship, parties must understand that it’s a give and take turns in terms of everything: love, respect, understanding, support and forgiveness. It is hard that there’s only one among the two who always give and never receive anything, with that you will start questioning is it right? Does he or she sincerely love me? Is it still working for both of us? Or end it despite the pain?

KC, I know you are a strong and intelligent woman. There is nothing wrong in loving and fighting for the person we love but it entails pain. At some point we just really need to think if working out the relationship worth it or giving an end will do more good despite the pain. I pray that you find the true love you wished for and always remember that you are blessed with a loving family especially your mom. Ms. Sharon Cuneta. We all deserve to be happy with people we love, who loves us back.

KC confirms break-up with Piolo
Transcript of KC's interview


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