Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Arroyos WLO & ADO: News & Updates

I first heard the news over the radio (DZMM) about the TRO issued by the Supreme Court (SC) allowing former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and his husband Atty. Mike Arroyo to travel abroad and seek medical treatment abroad immediately. SC Spokesman Atty. Midas Marquez said the judges ruled with 8-5 votes stating that the ban was unconstitutional due to lack of charges on any crime and its consistency with the constitutional presumption of innocence.

It is really hard to comprehend national issues like this if you do not understand the laws. If you are an ordinary Filipino thinking of what the Arroyos have been accused of, you will probably be one of those opposing the travel. On the other hand, you will allow such travel for humanitarian reason or for not believing the charges. Of course for our politicians, it depends on their political affiliations and personal stand on the matter. On the part of our government, they will exhaust all possible means to stop the Arroyos for fear of escaping from possible charges and not serving justice to the Filipino people for crimes believed to have been committed by the Arroyos.

All I know and understand right now is that as a Filipino people we must stay calm amidst this issue and let the legislative and executive resolve the issue. Let us always work hard every day, be the best we can and continue praying for our country.

Arroyos decide to leave on Thursday
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BI: Arroyos should have asked de Lima to lift WLO
Clinton distances self from Arroyo travel woes
Topacio: I'll have my 'ball' cut off if Arroyos don't return
Lacierda tells Topacio: Have pity on your wife


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