Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jinkee-Manny-Krista a love triangle?

Does Krista Ranillo really the root of Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao’s quarrel? I saw on TV how Jinkee shunned Manny’s attempt to comfort her as she cried over during the thanksgiving mass. Not only that. She leaned not on Manny’s shoulder for comfort but on a female friend right beside her. She sat down during the exchange of “peace be with you” and never showed up on after-fight party at LA.

Of course this issue is a very personal thing but such actions speak louder than words. Does Manny really go to Hongkong with Krista? Why Krista and his father accompanied Manny during the giving of relief goods for Ondoy victims and not Jinkee? Why Krista and her family need to fly abroad to watch Manny’s fight? Are all these merely an advance step for Wapakman? Or there is really something romantic going on between the 2 that made Jinkee cried and sudden boycott?

Whatever is the real score between the couple let us pray and hope for the best.


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