Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ampatuans on Maguindanao Massacre

What happened last Monday (November 23) with the Mangudadatu clan and some members of the tri-media was really cruel, gruesome and horrible. Tagged as the “Maguindanao Massacre,” this incident maybe consider as the most violent election related crime of all time. What more condemning about this issue are the journalists who became victims of these evil and rude politicians. Their eagerness to stay in power showed their cruelty that they will wipe out those who will come and run against them.

The Ampatuans, one of PGMA allies, are allegedly behind this brutal massacre. Evidences like the backhow seen in the crime scene is said to be under the custody of the provincial government. The conversation between the victims and their relatives relaying the message that they have been abducted plus those who escaped the said massacre are pointing to the Ampatuans.

Are the Ampatuans really untouchables? Reports said that this clan helped PGMA win in the 2004 thru the alleged cheating. Is this the reason why PGMA and her police and military men’s actions are kind of shallow in handling the case? Why this government always portrays the difference of the powerful and powerless? I’m sure if the suspects are ordinary individuals they will order to attack and ransack its houses and hide outs.

With the Ampatuans being alleged as the mastermind of this gruesome” Maguindanao Massacre,” may the Commission on Election (COMELEC) disregard and reject any Certificate of Candidacy that will be filed by any Ampatuan until the case is resolved. That this goes the same with those politicians who will be involved in any election related crime. This procedure will enable the police and military men and even the government to finish the investigation the soonest possible time.

State of Emergency
PGMA to go after the Ampatuans
Death toll rises to 46


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