Monday, November 2, 2009

In Memoriam 2009

Yesterday, November 1, the family went to the memorial park where the remains of my late father-in-law rested. The weather was really hot but we assembled quite a medium size tent enough to accommodate the family. We bought flowers and candles for our beloved father.

I got to be with my father-in-law for such a short time after the wedding. Hubby and I got married October 1998 and he died August of 2009. But I have nothing but admiration towards him for being such a simple, practical and supportive person. It is not possible for me to drop by at the North Cemetery where my grandmothers, grandfathers and two uncles rested. So I went by to the church near the memorial park to light candles for them and say my prayers for them.

To our beloved love ones who are now with God continue to guide us and be our angels. We love you and miss you so much!!!


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