Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cheryl Cosim et al victims of road rage

Cheryl Cosim, broadcaster and TV anchor, was now one of the statistics of the police regarding road rage incidents. Cheryl together with her husband and in-laws who came from a vacation and beating her work schedule met in the road an irresponsible and rude gun owner in the name of Richard Castro Ordonez who owns a Nissan Cefiro with plate number XPY497.

It was really traumatic for Cheryl where Mr. Ordonez cut them, walked out of his car, got near to them and pointed them his unlicensed gun. Check out the news video here.

According to reports, said Mr. Ordonez owns 7 guns and all of these have expired licenses. Gun owners who have temper like of Mr. Ordonez must not be given permission to have and carry a gun. With just one wrong move he might take a life out of just a simple road incident and of his unruly attitude.

Cheryl already filed cases (grave threat and illegal possession of firearms) on fleeing Mr. Ordonez. May the authorities issue immediately a travel ban on this individual to let him face the consequences of his action. And may our authorities acted on different incidents regardless of civil status.


Jam Mayer-Flores said...

There is just no responsibility and accountability for carrying fire arms.

Just tonight, I got a text from my husband that a person driving a red CRV with plate# XDM 943 pointed a gun at him during a minor dispute and misunderstanding at the Marikina area.

The driver followed him up until his parent's house and waited for him. The nerve! My hubby had kids in the car for goodness sake!

I'm glad he and the kids are okay. He reported the incident to the police.

I just can't fathom the idea if that idiot pulled the trigger.

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