Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thank you for saving my parents

From the vehicle entrance going down the parking area to the stairs and escalator in front of Puregold San Juan (alternative ways to reach the basement where the public market is located - about 15 feet high), you see nothing but garbage and properties floating above the high level of water. The whole public market was completely submerged in water in just few minutes and almost all store owners saved no items and money.
I want to give way to express my deep gratitude to some people who helped my parents survived while typhoon Ondoy badly hitting the metropolis.

First, my sincerest and deepest thanks to the helpers of one of the grocery stores at San Juan Public Market located at the basement of Agora Mall. Store owners were all surprised on the abrupt rising of the level of water inside the basement that even their money was left unsaved. My mother together with her 2 helpers was among the last people to leave the basement not knowing that the water will continue to rise. She accidentally slipped and got drowned on the water. One of her helpers tried to call for help while the other helper was able to grab her hair and just in time these helpers I am very thankful of were on their way to close the roller of their store when they heard our helper. They locate where my mom was and got her off from water and together left the basement. Without them, risking their own lives, I wouldn’t know what might happen to my mother. Thank you so much and may the good Lord bless you on your bravery and the good deed you’ve done to mom.

My deepest gratitude also goes to a driver of G Liner Bus whom my father rode last Saturday on his way to Blumentritt to get boxes of eggs. The driver stopped the bus atop the San Juan bridge along SM Sta. Mesa because the flood level is quite high and they might get stranded in the middle of the flood. My father stayed in the bus till late afternoon after water slowly subsiding and went back to Agora Mall. I appreciated so much that the bus driver used his judgment wisely coz if not the bus might be carried by the current of the high flood. With that, him and all his passengers were safe while Ondoy still on rage.

Last but not the least, thank you so much to a delivery van driver who accommodated mom and her helpers inside his van. Mom and many others stayed at SM Sta. Mesa, all wet and chilling, when the driver called their attention to get inside his van to ease the cold weather.

The San Juan Public Market was in deep water as you can see in the pictures. The metropolis was badly hit by Ondoy and high water was everywhere. It is still good to know that Filipinos are still there for their fellow Filipinos offering unconditional help in times of disaster. Thank you soooooooo much! God bless you. I will forever treasure the good deeds you’ve done to my parents. Nothing but praises and prayers for these fellows for being so kind, brave and considerate to other people.


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