Thursday, October 1, 2009

Farming @ Farm Town

Social networking is really hot in the net. I never thought that I will have my own Facebook account someday. I do have my Friendster account already and I practically able to communicate with old and present friends. I find it hard to maintain the 2 accounts but I can’t help to give way to my curiosity. I saw different games on Facebook and I thought that it will help me ease the sleepiness while blogging. Not because blogging is boring but because I am physically tired taking care of the chores and the kids the whole day and do blogging at night.

Farm Town is one of the games I deal very seriously at Facebook (LOL). I just love farm living. It is peaceful, no pollution (air and noise), simple living and very relaxing. I dreamt of making my dream farm (my own hacienda in the net) so I go for it till I made it. Although the picture you see now is not yet completely done (still need to level up) I could say that just by looking at it gives me the feeling of serenity and peace. How I wish it is that easy to own such a property nowadays where I can spend my life peacefully and happy. But there are lots of games you can find at Facebook you can play with and maybe that's the reason why people enjoy using it. Thanks to the genius students who made this one. Facebook just started as a school project and now there are millions of people around the world who appreciates and enjoy FB.

I check my FB account from time to time and take care of my farms and my kids’ farms as well. If you have a Farm Town account give me a buzz so we can be neighbors. See you at Farm Town.


p0ptart said...

Yea this facebook application game is highly addictive. lol I think I am at level 23, but I stopped playing for a while.

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