Thursday, October 22, 2009

Climate Change Act of 2009 signed

The Climate Change Act of 2009 was signed by President Arroyo today (Friday) before leaving for Thailand to attend the ASEAN Summit where climate change is said to be discussed. The bill will institutionalize the government response to climate change.

That bill is for what our government will do about climate change? But what about our bill about climate change to ourselves? What are our little ways to help mitigate the effect of climate change?

Two days ago I was really mad to a neighbor who placed her box of trash in front of my house. I was really looking at their house with sharp and angry eyes not only for putting that box of trash in my front yard but being heartless towards other people and being so lazy with their social responsibility. Yes our street was lucky because we were not affected by Ondoy and Pepeng, but is that so? I said in a loud voice how insensitive and rude they are in placing their trash on street, open and scattering.

Climate change concern is not only about what our government needs to do. We also have our fair share on it. If we do all our shares toward climate change then we can save more people, our country, our beloved Earth.


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