Sunday, October 18, 2009

Importance & power of web directories

I remember when I was just started setting up my personal blog way back March of 2008, my friend/mentor told me to list down the blog in many web directories as much as I can. Being a newbie in the world of blogging of course I asked then how important it is to add my blog in a certain web directory. Traffic is very important for any blog and listing it to many established and trusted web directories I am much assured that it will help me gain exposures among its searchers. As days go by, I saw visitors coming from the web directories where I listed down my blog from my traffic map and list of referrers.

There is nothing to lose adding a blog from these web directories because most of them are free or you just need to exchange link with them. A very cheap price as compared to wide exposures and endless traffic you will gain for your beloved blog.

Among the biggest and most common web directories in the net is Yahoo! Directory being utilized by bloggers like me as well as business blogs all over the world. Listing my blog on its proper category (and sub-category) give I a chance to be came across by people looking for information that fits my blog’s theme. Gaining traffic in the web will eventually give me a good page rank and with that subsequently make me earn much than what I think of. On the other hand, is a huge directory for various businesses to list down their site to gain more traffic/visitors and more of that exposures will eventually lead to more sales thus more income.

Of course by now I well understand the importance of web directories and much more of what I gain from it. As long as these web directories exist I know there are more people to come and visit my blog.


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