Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ninoy's poem for Cory (I Have Fallen In Love With The Same Woman Three Times)

Pure, unconditional and eternal. Those are some of the words to describe the kind of love Ninoy and Cory had for each other here and in heaven. As I watched all the news coverages and interviews on TV I can’t help but cried, really cried so hard. All the hardships and pains, all the battles fought, they stood for each other and the love even flourished, deepened and grew stronger.

Cory’s life as a mother and as a wife came not like a bed of roses. It is tough to be a wife to someone like Ninoy who fought not only for his family but for all his countrymen. He is a man of honor and integrity that even life he is willing to offer for his country. As a mother to her kids, Cory needed to be stronger and braver. But our beloved Cory did well triumphantly.

An expression of his great love to Cory, Ninoy made a poem entitled “I Have Fallen In Love (With The Same Woman Three Times)” on October 11, 1973 while still at Fort Bonifacio for their 19th wedding anniversary. It is a poem full of words of love and gratitude from a man for his beloved wife. Thanks Mary Joy of Cebu for sharing this video.

For me Cory is not only a former president, a mother and a wife. She is definitely not only an icon of our country’s democracy but also a true and genuine Filipino who had so much love for the country. Her words, prayers and examples may remain in the hearts of every Filipino and that someday Cory will smile on us from heaven because we are able to make her prayers come true.
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