Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Housewife @ Work's Facebook account

I already got a Facebook account. It all started from invites that reached my email, hearing it from TV and lastly when a friend showed me how it works. At first, I had a second thought of joining because I am afraid not to return the favors my friends will do for me. Also, I thought it’s more of socializing and chatting with online friends. But when that friend introduced me the vast list of games I can deal with I got interested to have my own account.

At night when I am in front of the computer and doing my online stuff I really feel sleepy knowing that I am the only one awake. Glad to know Facebook to keep me awake and do short time entertainment to help me carry out for the rest of the night. I already tried FarmVille, Farm Land, Barn Buddy, and several others. From time to time I check on my farms to know if time to harvest, weeding, watering and removing bugs.

My kids were happy to see the farm and they promise me to take care of it. Hope my incoming neighbors will be generous to dole out some gifts to me. big grinbig huglove struckkiss


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